The Best Streaming App For Gaming

It is much more convenient to utilize mobile software for bloggers and streamers. Streaming through such a program, whether you possess an Android or an iPhone, is a good alternative if you have a weak PC. Therefore, let’s consider the most popular apps.


The most obvious and simple option, which is good for beginners, is YouTube. Here you can not only create your own channel and post stories and videos but also stream. Moreover, all you need is a phone, and you can start with one click. In addition, YouTube is installed on any Android smartphone, the application is free.


The official app from the corresponding service can be used on phones and tablets. To download, you may go to the official marketplaces: Google Play or Apple Store. The functionality is comparable to the browser version. You may share videos and re-upload them to YouTube. Voice and picture quality are high.

Omlet Arcade

This is a tool for video game lovers to screenshare and livestream. The application includes many options: live broadcasts, create channels, chats, etc. It also has animated frames and provides exclusive HUDs and unlimited high definition mobile multi-streaming.

Mobcrush: Livestream Games

The mobile program allows sharing the gameplay from your phone live. Viewers and content authors can interact with each other. The functionality is quite simple, but there are all the basic functions for video streaming such as the ability to stream to multiple platforms at once.

Screen Stream Mirroring

This is a popular app for mobile devices on Android. The service is simple, its setup will not take much time even for a novice user. To stream using this program, you need a smartphone with Android 5.0 or higher.

The application gives the opportunity to stream for many platforms, and supports high quality, chats, simultaneous broadcasting, and recording of the display.

Gusher Screen Broadcaster

It is also a program for smartphones. When launching it, you need to fill in the details of the account for the connection. In the menu, you also need to choose the resolution. Everything else is similar to other programs.


The unique feature of this tool is that it supports video capturing in two modes: you will be able to share the video from the camera and the sound from the microphone or utilize the display and the speakers. When the stream is in progress, you will get instant notifications about news and events.


This is the official application for Android mobile devices that gives the perfect opportunities for streaming and following other users. There are convenient tools for communication here.

Nimo TV

This official mobile app was created for both watching and streaming your own broadcasts. Here you will find a lot of means for communication.

Mobizen Live

This app was designed for streaming using YouTube. It is integrated into this platform, which makes it convenient and easy to use.

Each user's needs are different, so it's up to you to choose your video streaming software.