10 Current Gaming Trends

The world of gaming is constantly changing and applying modern technologies and innovations. That is inevitable as the players always want to try something new and they can easily get bored. What have the developers prepared recently? It’s high time to look at the current trends in gaming and find out what will be waiting for us in the nearest future.

Tracking the actions of users

On the one hand, this tool is helpful for both marketers and advertisers. On the other hand, gamers are often offended by this fact. Therefore, the developers of the iOS decided to introduce some additional tools for preventing tracking and transmission of the obtained data.

Closed app store systems

The privacy changes are aimed at not only the protection of gamers but also of developers. In the nearest future, the greatest platform will try its own ecosystem for users with some restrictions for others.

Social interaction in games

Since 2020, we all thrive for more communication in our lives limited by pandemic restrictions. No wonder, that the gaming world was also enriched with multiplayer options, live chats, and notifications about the activities of friends.

In the nearest future, there will be more video chats and abilities to play together and interact while playing.

The next trend that has gained popularity recently is live playing of mahjong games. The new generations of players are really fond of this opportunity and are ready to watch how other people are playing their favorite games.

Playable advertising

Among different advertising methods that are used in applications for gaming, we also observe one popular tendency. The playable ads give the chance to play a game before downloading it. It provides huge benefits for the developers as they can involve a greater audience and they widely use this option.

Monetization via advertising

The developers introduce different in-app ads in order to monetize via purchases in the games. Still, they also try to involve their clients and make gaming beneficial through some additional rewards.

Trading between players

This idea is not new but it requires a lot of changes from the viewpoint of the developers. Nevertheless, everyone wants to make money and if it is possible through gaming, why not? Thus, the first attempt was already made and we can wait for the progress in this area.

Metaverses and VR technologies

The concept of the metaverse still requires years to become a reality. However, Facebook is changing according to this strategy and games also follow it. VR technology gains more and more popularity and we can be sure that gaming will become even more fascinating.

Adaptations of video games

If previously this concept was not very successful, now modern technologies allow developers to make games for different resources and then transform them into another if needed. That is why we can wait for new series of popular video games in mobile apps.

The widest choice ever

Since the pandemic restrictions were introduced the developers observed the constant growth in interest in online gaming. No wonder, that they have planned a lot of new surprises. Therefore, nowadays we have a trend to release as many novel games as we can imagine.