5 Games That Let You Play as a Dragon

Role-playing video games with a dragon as the main character have become extremely popular since 2018. These action games have attracted the attention of millions of players since The Game of Thrones TV series was released. Our experts have selected the most popular games that let you play as a dragon.

Dragon Age series

The game is completely dedicated to dragons. In the distant past, people exterminated all dragons. But some managed to survive. Now they are angry at people and trying to destroy them. You need to get the best gear if you're going to play as a human. When you play as a dragon, you will be able to exterminate many people and avenge your ancestors.

Monster Hunter: World

This game is entirely dedicated to hunting monsters and scary dragons. To do this, the player needs to make a lot of effort. The fact is that the Elder Dragons that you can play are very strong and smart. Therefore, you need to study their habits and develop a battle strategy. You can also invite friends to help you online in taming cruel monsters.

Dark Souls series

The series of breathtaking games consists of three parts of Dark Souls I – III. In all games of this exciting series, you will meet many dragons and dark knights. But plenty of them are very kind creatures. Some dragons will be able to benefit you and give you useful items, including valuable equipment. So, a player should avoid any opportunity of finding himself in the dragon's mouth. If you are playing as a dragon, be careful with warriors in full gear.

Divinity: Dragon Commander

This is another masterpiece of video games about dragons from the Divinity series. It's a mixture of a strategy game and RTS. The player becomes heirs to the throne of a mighty kingdom. The blood of real dragons flows in his veins. Thus, his main task is to lead the kingdom, destroy the envious enemies, and subjugate the entire Rivellon. You will have to run your country thoughtfully not to offend other rulers. When the war begins, you, as the heir of the dragons, need to fight on the battlefield, controlling the main dragon.

Elmarion: Dragon time

It is one of the most popular dragon-themed RPGs. A gamer will play as a commanding dragon. Your aim is to wipe out all your enemies. According to the game plot, the dragon is kind. He helps people defeat the Army of Darkness. Controlling the dragon, you explore the world around you and will protect the cities from the invasions of Servants of Darkness.

If you have ever dreamt of playing as a dragon in a video game, now you have a perfect chance to do it. Now you have the top 5 best dragon-themed games. You can play any of them right now. All offered games have great design and animation. You`ll undoubtedly enjoy them.