What Equipment Do You Need to Live Stream?

To set up streaming, a gamer doesn't need a lot of equipment, but it must be of high quality. You can easily figure out which devices the professional streamers use because they actively advertise them. But it is important to remember that they can afford to buy the most advanced and expensive models. If you are just starting your career in this regard, you can get by with more budget-friendly options. Before moving on to live streams, it is better to learn what minimal equipment base other streamers have.

The Basis of Streaming Is a Good CPU

Without a CPU that can handle the task of running the game and processing streaming at the same time, the idea of ​​​​live broadcasting will not work. Therefore, the first task is the selection of a good CPU among the many options offered by AMD and Intel, which would have:

  • at least 6 cores
  • a sufficiently powerful video card
  • at least 8 GB of RAM

Microphone for Communication with Subscribers

Some beginner streamers think that the built-in microphone in a PC will be enough for broadcasting. However, after listening to the recording, they soon realize that this was not the best option. Extraneous noise will break into the broadcast and create a feeling of dirty sound. To sound clear and professional, you need an external microphone. Moreover, it must be supplemented with a headset so that the game sounds from your room through the microphone do not enter into the stream. They will be sent through the software you use anyway.

Webcam for Broadcasting Video Over the Screen of the Game

As people get used to the ubiquity of videoconferencing, more and more streamers are adding webcam video. It allows conveying the emotions of the player and also contributes to communication with the audience. The webcam needs to be chosen in such a way that it transmits a clear image even when used in the darkened rooms that streamers love so much. It is also necessary to give preference to webcams with a built-in hardware encoder. This saves computer resources, which is very important when broadcasting live.

Additional Accessories

On the above equipment, you are unlikely to stop. As the streamer gains experience, he understands that it's also nice to have:

  • LED rings
  • A tripod and bracket
  • Green Chromakey to create different backgrounds

Also, evaluate your desktop — will it fit all the necessary equipment? If not, it's best to replace it with one that would give sufficient working space. This is necessary not only to create a more beautiful picture but also for the safety of numerous equipment.

There are also fashionable trends among streamers and gamers that spread very quickly. Be prepared for the fact that when you start streaming, there will be a desire to add something to the gaming space or, conversely, get rid of something. This is another factor in favor of not immediately rushing to buy the most expensive equipment. Start with budget options, and as you stream, you'll determine your ideal model specifications for the various devices. Purchasing them will become the next step in your streamer career.