What Are the Top 4 Car Insurance Companies in Florida?

From Ford’s Model T to Gatsby’s Yellow Roadster in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, the rise of convertibles and Jack Kerouac’s Beat Generation ode to road trips, On the Road, the American car industry has marked and mirrored the times over the course of the last century.  Today, with Detroit still reeling from the Great Recession, The Big Three have had a difficult time bouncing back—but for all of that, car insurance companies are on the rise, and with more competition as ever, it should come as no surprise that the quality of service is likewise on the rise.  Here, then, as we begin 2020, is a look at the crème de la crème, the Top 4 Car Insurance Companies according to https://floridainsurancequotes.net/florida-auto-insurance/.

  1. GEICO: There are few companies with a bigger media presence than GEICO.  Between the GEICO Gecko and their infamous “So easy a caveman can do it” set of adds—a campaign so catchy that it fooled a major television studio into thinking that a one-joke premise for a car insurance company could work as the basis for a prime-time sitcom—GEICO is arguably the most brand-name-recognizable car company in America.  Fame will only get you so far, however, and GEICO backs up this stylish PR campaign with more-than-substantial customer service. GEICO is frequently rated as one of the most flexible companies when it comes to coverage plans, a fact which was true in 2013 and looks to remain the case in ’14. By giving a lot of leeway when it comes to insuring multiple vehicles, crafting individualized plans, and a slew of discounts—notably to student drivers, a relief to parents everywhere—GEICO is and looks to remain at the top of the heap.
  2. PROGRESSIVE: With a name like Progressive, you have to do something relatively revolutionary, which is certainly one way to describe the company’s Immediate Response Vehicles.  This IRV service allows for immediate rental and towing services, as well as allowing those looking for an estimate to get one from a qualified agent from the comfort of their own home.  Progressive’s business model is very much geared in a service-heavy, customer-first manner, the only downside of which is that this commitment to service means that there are car insurance companies out there—such as GEICO—that have expanded beyond the basics of good, high-quality customer service and have developed intricate and specialized plans which could, in the end, help you save even more.  For all that, however, there are few options better in terms of overall customer service.
  3. ALLSTATE COMPANIES SUCH AS ESURANCE: Allstate is another of the classic car insurance companies, and in recent years it’s branched out and embraced the digital age, forming online subsidiaries such as Esurance, which is itself touted as a “green company” for its increased emphasis on damage caused by carbon dioxide emissions.  While it’s less flexible than Progressive or GEICO, and some complain its plans feature unnecessary features and costs, this is all testament to its commitment to variety. What’s more, it offers a wide variety of discounts including—interestingly enough—some of which are occupationally-based (i.e., for engineers.)
  4. NATIONWIDE: Nationwide is, indeed, on your side, with a good balance of the virtues extolled in the above companies.  It’s a smaller, more personal, all-around company that’s renowned for its individualized treatment of its customers.

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