Game Overview

Mahjong is a fascinating game played with domino like tiles, and is quite similar to the popular card game of Rummy.

Four players designated by East, South, West, and North each build a wall of seventeen tiles long, two tiles in height and position them to form a hollow centered wall.

East then throws the two dice and counts counter-clockwise the number thrown to determine which wall is to be broken, for example if the number 7 was thrown then North’s wall would be selected.

The North would throw the two dice to determine the exact spot the wall will be broken, for example if North threw a 5, you would total the two throw’s, 7 plus 5 equaling 12, North would count counter-clockwise 12 stacks of tiles from the left end of the wall directly if front of him.

If the total number exceeds 17 the number of tiles in his wall, he would continue on the wall to his right or East’s wall.

Then he lifts these two tiles and places them on top of the wall directly to the right of the opening, these two tiles are known as the loose tiles.

Once the wall has been broken the tiles are dealt, counter-clockwise beginning with East each player draws two stacks of tiles from the left of the opening in wall, this is repeated three times until all players have drawn 12 tiles, then each player in turn draws one tile to make 13 tiles and East draws a 14th tile.

Play commences with East discarding an unwanted tile and each player in turn drawing tiles from the wall or taking discarded tiles from previous plays until someone completes their hand of four sets of three and a pair and declares Mah Jongg.