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These are the current game rules available, click on the rule title for a complete set of rules and explinations.

Game Overview
Overview of the game of Mah Jong.

Traditional Mah Jong
Traditional Mah Jong as introduced in 1923 by Joseph Babcock and the Mah Jongg Sales Company of America, also quite similar to the rules provided in most sets sold at that time, including Pung Chow, The Ancient Game of China, and The Ancient Game of the Mandarins.

Filipino/Taiwanese 16 Tile Mah Jongg
Filipino/Taiwanese 16 Tile Mah Jongg is quite similar with Traditional Mah Jong in play and basic scoring but with the use of an additional 3 tiles for a total of 17 tiles in a winning hand. In this version your object is to complete a hand of 5 sets of three and a pair in lieu of 4 sets of three and a pair.

Sap Tim Pun (10 1/2)
Sap Tim Pun or Ten and a half, is a gambling game played by four people using a traditional set of mah jong tiles, with three of the players acting as individuals and with one player acting as the banker for the round, quite similar to the western game of blackjack.